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Environmental Justice and Conservation Conference

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Abstract [Dec. 6th, 2006|03:02 pm]
Environmental Justice and Conservation Conference
Panel V
Title: Professional Outsiders: Environmentalists in whose interests?
Cristina M Balboa

The international conservation and environmental justice movements have
both mobilized large networks of people and organizations around their
issues. While many individuals involved in these networks are either the
legitimate resource owners or those whose homes and health is affected by
environmental racism, many of us are neither. We are professional environmentalists,
activists, academics, and organizers. What role, then, do we play?
This paper will examine the roles that civil society and nongovernmental
organizations have taken in these efforts. It will compare the
development of NGOs in both movements to see what each can learn from the other.
Drawing on these histories, non-profit management literature, and
accountability theory, this presentation will offer some tools for both
honest introspection and strategy-building (not necessarily mutually
exclusive!) for professional outsiders.